Just another note on kindness.

Khyati Jain
2 min readJan 19, 2024

I was in school and a friend wanted some help with homework. I mentioned nonchalantly while my father and I were on our way to her house, “Shouldn’t she be coming to my house because she needs help? Why should I be the one traveling?” My father scowled and asked, “Who is it that wants to help?” The point he was making was that the other person is already doing the harder part of accepting help. And more importantly, I was going to help because that’s what I wanted to do.

More recently, someone very dear to me inflicted a wound — and some scars cut deep. It seemed inconceivable that the one with whom I shared my vulnerable self, helped countless times, could be the same person consistently weaving a web of lies. I spent sleepless nights, and blamed myself for my misplaced trust, care and priorities. I preferred solitude — to protect myself and to focus on my work. It seemed an obvious choice over possible heart-ache.

In my distressed state, the wisest person in my life offered sage advice to my broken self — just because one person falters, you don’t stop being kind or trusting people. You’re kind because that’s who you are, and as long as you feel there might be one person out there in the world who deserves it, you be good to everyone. Some people might disappoint. And that’s okay. You continue to trust because that’s the person you are. Unintentionally, he reminded me of everything my Dad would tell me.

Over time, I have started to understand what he meant when he spoke of kindness and compassion as something very little about others, and so much more about yourself. Your ability to forgive, to care, to love and to be kind to others, is really for yourself. That would be the greatest source of your joy. I just needed a few days off to spend time with my friends, surrounded by love, to be reminded of why I believed him.

Every act you do is like a brick in the wall of building your character. What kind of person do you want to be? In the end, what matters is simple — Are you able to go to bed in peace? Do you like what you see when you look in the mirror? ❤

A mandala by one of the kindest people I know (source)

Engulfed in my usual doomscrolling routine, I stumbled upon a reel bearing the caption,“Life becomes better when you become heartless” — glorifying the allure of a carefree existence, without emotional attachments and the time-consuming responsibilities that accompany compassion. That motivates this post. For Every piece out there, encouraging people to live a life devoid a of love, I want to add to the swarm of posts on love, on kindness and the unparalleled joy it brings.