The Joy of Living.

Khyati Jain
2 min readMar 2, 2023

An auto driver, I was travelling with for the first time, just dropped me home, asking me to pay sometime later when we bump against each other. He didn’t have a Gpay number, I didn’t have cash. And he knew this before taking me on the ride.

A chef, at the cafe I frequent, gives me a warm smile without fail.

Two strangers walked up to me at a cafe to share the most genuine complements, take genuine interest in knowing me, and just have a conversation.

My friends relentlessly checking on me when I’m not feeling my best.

A lady handing over her laptop bag to a stranger to hold, while she visits the washroom. She take a little too much time, but comes back to find it safely guarded.

I walked into the metro, my feet slightly injured — without me having to say anything, a man who had two grocery bags on his lap quickly got up. Nothing was expected in return. No words exchanged.

A colleague getting me water every time she gets for herself.

Someone I met for the first time, putting in the extra effort to make me feel included in their circle of friends.

A kind cafe-owner keeps his cafe open for fifteen extra minutes, because I as waiting for someone and he didn’t want to to wait on the road, knowing I’ll probably never visit the cafe again.

A few of many little things that keep the world running — purely based on goodwill.

Every time I am hurt, and want to believe the world is selfish, want to give up on putting others before me, I am reminded of the every little act of kindness that I receive everyday, easily unnoticed, that make my life beautiful.

There’s so much beauty in the world, and you only have to see. It’s in the little acts of kindness, unspoken promises, trust and love.

Photo by Aleksey Oryshchenko on Unsplash